Sunday, 21 April 2013

Getting Started with TinyNH, a Simple NHibernate Infrastructure

TinyNH is a demo project and series of articles designed to help you get your project up and running with a simple solid NHibernate persistence infrastructure. See contents for a full list of articles.

Getting the Code

TinyNH is available on GitHub at:

If you know about git, go ahead and clone the repository on your development machine, otherwise you can download a zip file from If you just fancy a look around, you can browse the code directly on GitHub.

See the README for further details on getting the solution up-and-running on your computer. Note that the solution is currently compatible with Visual Studio 2012 only.


The src folder contains a single Visual Studio Solution:

The solution contains 4 projects:

  • TinyNH.DemoStore.Admin - Demonstrates NHibernate setup for a web application
  • TinyNH.DemoStore.Core - Contains some shared elements within the solution, namely our object model and NHibernate infrastructure
  • TinyNH.DemoStore.ProductImporter - An example of working directly with NHibernate in a simple "throwaway" data importer app.
  • TinyNH.DemoStore.Tests - Contains some examples of automated database tests.

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